Absolutely Nothing To fear. Jump out of your comfort zone. Join in with some good ol fashion fun, come flex with me this Sunday 12-1pm in Brick Lane! #cityismyplayground #justdoit (at Nike Town. London)

49.99 for mine #missselfridge (at Great Portland Street)

TGIF. We flexing again this Sunday a la brick lane style . 12-1pm. Email me if you want to join nicola@nicolachergeismar.com
Photo cred @knockoclock

Had the bestest summer working with @knockoclock on this #cafezero campaign.
Let the City be your Playground (at The Official London Eye)

After an inspiring training session with @arielkiley this weekend @equinox London, I am thinking more about the different methods that we can draw upon to stretch ones body. We touched on some interesting techniques to release muscle fibers both through stretching techniques as well as using therapy balls to breakdown “issues in tissues” I am interested in hearing what your stretching techniques are? Do you tend to passive stretch or rely more on dynamic stretching? What about a rhythmic stretching sequence? Depending on ones flexibility it can be beneficial to stretch incorporating the PNF technique, as I have found.. How do you guys stretch?

My Saturday night “felt” like this. Thanks @chocolatebearproductions

Not trying to get in there..honest! (at Rockwell House)

The ladies is 🔽 (at Rockwell House)

The writings on the wall. (at Village Underground)

Photo cred @elusivm